Top Main Things to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck

Top Main Things to Consider When Renting a Moving Truck, Looking for ways to cut costs when relocating? Consider a do-it-yourself move by renting a moving truck from companies like U-Haul, Budget, Penske or UPack. A DIY move will not only save you a substantial amount of cash, but it will also give you the flexibility to decide when to begin and end your move

The size of your move

Needless to say, the more belongings you plan to move, the bigger the truck rental will need to be. If you plan to move three or more bedrooms, you should opt for a larger truck. Those moving a studio, one or two bedroom household may be able to fit their belongings into a cargo truck rental or a small moving truck for rent. Top main key factors to consider as you move to Retirement Age

The price of gas

Given their large size, truck rentals tend to be serious gas guzzlers. So if you’re planning to drive through a state (or states) with steep gas prices, be sure to take this into account before renting a moving truck.

The distance of your move

The distance of your move is a major consideration when renting a moving truck. For starters, the farther you move, the more gas you’re going to need (hence the pricier the move will be).

Second, if moving a long distance, you’re going to need a truck rental with comfortable cab seating. Third, since you won’t be able to make multiple trips back and forth between houses, you’ll need to rent a moving truck large enough to fit everything at once.

, if embarking on a one way move, you’ll have to pick up and return your truck rental at different locations. This is typically more expensive to do and should be a consideration when calculating costs

The size of your truck

Imagine loading your belongings onto the back of the truck, only to realize later that the moving truck is too small. Yikes. The last thing you want to do is rent the wrong size truck rental when moving. To prevent this moving problem, try to be sure to rent the necessary size truck rental for your move. Rule of thumb: when in doubt, size up when renting a moving truck.

Additional truck rental fees

Don’t forget about those additional fees. While renting a moving truck is certainly cheaper than hiring a moving company, it can still lead to a few extra fees along the way.

These fees may include the cost of fuel, extra days needed, extra mileage, and moving equipment add-ons. Additionally, if you’re not returning the rental truck to its original location, you may have to pay an extra fee to the rental company.

This is known as a “one way move,” and it will almost certainly be more expensive than returning the truck to its original location.

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