Top 10 Best Real Estate Companies in Qatar

Top 10 Best Real Estate Agencies in Qatar, Real estates companies play a key role in the countries service industry. Lately, Qatar has reported improved service delivery in line with real estate management. Gulf Times, towards the end of last year, highlighted the excellent performance of Qatari Real Estate Agencies.

This put Ezdan in second position in the Arab World of real estate trading. GDN Online confirmed this gesture by highlighting three real estate agents in Qatar as among the top 10 in the Middle East.

Let’s rock down to the top 10 Agencies in Qatar that are skyrocketing in the Real Estate business.

  1. Barwa Real Estate

Operating within Doha, Barwa specializes in real estate projects that cut across different commercial and residential spaces. It was founded just 13 years ago but has mastered the art of incorporating all aboard, including the government. Quality service will make Barwa one of your top choices – and will be served by a dynamic and skilled professional team.

2. Ezdan Holding

If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Qatar, Ezdan holdings has you covered. This Agency offers excellent services under different segments. Additionally, their services range from residential and commercial property, investments and hotels & suits. Check out this video that showcases some of the work they’ve done in Qatar.

3. United Development Company

UDC is a leading shareholding, and plays an important role in real estate development as well as property management. Founded in 1999, it’s very well versed in the Middle Eastern region. Click here to learn more about their upcoming developments in Qatar.

4. MD Properties Real Estate

With the strength of understanding property value and open-mindedness, MD properties are known for success in varies services. Not to mention, Md offers a creative and fresh approach!

5. Aamal Real Estate

Founded in 2001, Aamal started as a private shareholding company. It went public 6 years later and has been ranked among the top ten real estate companies in the region. It’s success is centered upon identifying growth opportunities and offers optimum service.

6. Prime Lands Real Estate Development

Operates from the heart of Qatar since 2006. Prime takes care of a clients every need with tailored solutions and perfect customer service.

7. Artan Holdings

Artan envisions a greater Qatar, and additionally, is 100% Qatari owned. Among the highest rated in the Middle East, it incorporates a diverse portfolio. This includes Doha British School, as well as the House of Architecture, among others.

8. El Emadi Enterprises

Offers everything from real estate, fire systems, hospitality, solar, and many others. Better still, for contract services like cleaning and security, AL Emadi works at its best.

9. Al Jassim Group

Al Jassim’s incorporation of updates technology and best practices has endeared it to many customers. It also assures you of valuable services within Doha. You’ll find a mix of glamorous and state of the art projects. They also focus on fast moving consumer goods as well as quality service restaurants. In fact, they have partnered with international chains such as Cafe Vergnano & Burger King.

10. MH Almana group

If you’re looking for divers services, Almana knows all the secrets. Besides, this company brings forth numerous subsidiaries with key business activities. They include automotive, ancillary business units, international trading, as well as real estate businesses. MH Almana Group’s vision is well aligned with the Qatar vision of 2030!

Examining the highlighted Real Estate Agencies and the secret behind their success. It takes more than expertise to run a well-managed Real Estate Agency.

There are other best-performing companies – but these are definitely our top 10. they have continued to rock the industry and may not be quitting the space anytime soon.

JRE -Just Real Estate;

Is also among the best real estate companies in Qatar.

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