Top equipments you may need for a Construction site – Kubota KC70SL-4.

Top equipments you may need for a Construction site, remember,Large construction investments as well as home construction require having advanced equipment, high-quality vehicles as well as qualified and experienced staff. One of the devices that you cannot miss on your construction site is a truck dumper.

This article will point out the most common advantages of having such a vehicle in your company.

1. The basic information

2. More information on Kubota manufacturer

3. Where to purchase?

The basic information

During selecting the best equipment at your construction site, it is worth to think about Kubota KC70SL-4. This sophisticated truck dumper is a self loading vehicle that is extremely useful in various tasks, such as: removing loose materials and clearing demolition rubble.

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It is a perfect solution for the majority advance clear activities at the construction site because it does not require any additional equipment and it can be operated by one worker. It is also easy to use so you do not need to hire a specialist to operate on the Kubota machines.

Top equipments you may need for a Construction site

The truck dumpers offered by Kubota, including KC70SL-5 have numerous satisfied parameters for the majority construction company owners. They are following:

– Engine output: 9.4 PS

– Maximum loading capacity: 700kg

– Skip capacity heaped volume: 0,34m3

– Minimal overall width: 7,58m

It is also worth to know that the Kubota truck dumper is durable and are made of high quality components. They are mainly manufactured in Japan or in one of European or American factories. As an outcome, you may count on superlative quality products that will work at many construction sites during the run of your company.

More information on Kubota manufacturer

If you do not know the well recognised brand, it is worth to catch up. Kubota company was established in 1890 (129 years ago) in Osaka, Japan. The founder of the company was Gonshiro Kubota. Today, Kubota is a large and significant company in many fields, such as: agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, turf care equipment, engines and many more.

Where to purchase?

If you are interested in one of the Kubota truck dumpers, you may feel free and get one without any problems. All you need to do is to find the authorized Kubota dealer who works in your area and ask the details about the professional Kubota equipment. Some Kubota products are also available in DIY stores where you may also order many Kubota products.

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