Secrets Behind the war between Nsereko and Bobi wine

Zexno bobi wine, The inside political walls page has today posted the main source of the battle between MP nsereko Muhammad and Bobi wine, it reads


The rise of Bobi Wine is a threat to survival of many political Giants in inclusivity of President Museveni.

The speed at which the people power waves are spreading is so terrific to cause observable panic in opposition and government.

Remember, Museveni has failed to creat a credible encounting strategic program to control the popularity and rise of Bobi wine.

We have already accessed a plan to weaken bobi Wine before 2021, there are various programs which everyone will observe, so we expect the Uganda’s political field to change any time before 2021.

However, Museveni’s attempts to weaken Bobi have practically turned to be boomerangs. Our credible sources have already told us that Museveni’s advisers are telling him to try his best and prevent Bobi from appearing on the ballot, they show him evidence that BOBI can turn to be a uncontrollable beast.

Some people already traced the program and so they had to boost a battle between Bobi and Nsereko who is seen as a clear option. Remember Nsereko is one of the most politically profiled baganda individuals, he contested for the deputy speaker position and scored much in Museveni’s presence. This politically proves him as a great logicians with a good backup.

There do exist other strategically well positioned options if things turn wrong for BOBI. Things turned more worse when Bobi’s big brother Nyanzi showed interest to contest for Kampala central mp position.

However, we advise Bobi WINE’S brothers to first pave a credible way for him, their involvement in politics will boost the conflict creation policy.

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