Uganda: Wall collapses killing 6 street kids near Lohana H school

Uganda: Wall kill 6 street kids near Lohana H school
Uganda: Wall killed 6 street kids near Lohana H school

From Uganda,

Early this morning at around 3 am, Lohana High School perimeter wall collapsed killing 6 street kids who were resting besides it, 2 others were seriously injured. This is why i urge Minister Nakiwala and all child right advocates to give Fresh Kid a break and concentrate on these other kids on the streets. If i were them, i would instead use Fresh Kid to lure these kids back to their homes. In a country where people eat one meal a day, how do you ask someone if he eats desserts every after a meal! Let us be realistic! I noted this in our leadership, we lack a sense of balance. Can you imagine that while govt is fighting to revive Uganda airlines, Uganda Telecom is collapsing. The only national landline service provider, meaning, we may never send faxes or tel-e-fax in Uganda. After years, govt shall again begin reviving Uganda Telecom.

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These kids died because the authorities didn’t do their work. Those who know Fresh Kid say, he was at the verge of becoming a street kid before the manager picked him but immediately he shined, The minister jumped in.

The message is by Kakensa media in Uganda.

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