Japan increases penalties on pilots who fly after drinking Alcohol – Reports

Japan increases penalties on pilots who fly after drinking Alcohol - Reports

Zixno.com, News coming in from Japan indicate that The Diet enacted a revised aviation law on Thursday that increases punishments for pilots found to have flown under the influence of alcohol or drugs following a series of drinking-related incidents involving Japanese airlines. (Japan increases penalties on pilots who fly after drinking Alcohol – Reports)

Under the legislation, which will take effect in stages within one year of its official announcement, the penalty for drink-flying has been raised from a maximum one-year jail term and 300,000 yen fine to a sentence of up to three years and a 500,000 yen fine. Top Main Reasons To visit Massachusetts

Japanese airlines have already tightened drinking rules, introducing mandatory breathalyzer tests and relieving pilots of their duties if even a very low level of alcohol is detected, meaning commercial pilots are now less likely to fall foul of the toughened laws. Those flying private planes, however, are not subject to the same checks.

Japan increases penalties on pilots who fly after drinking Alcohol - Reports


The legislation also seeks to improve aviation safety ahead of the intended mid-2020 delivery of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Japan’s first homegrown commercial passenger jet.

The law requires aircraft manufacturers to notify the government of malfunctions, with the compulsory reporting seen as a way to ensure that repairs are carried out quickly.

With drones becoming more commonly used by commercial operators and governments, the legislation outlined broad new requirements around pre-flight inspections of the small aircraft.

The legislation also allows the government to conduct on-site inspections at residences or offices of drone operators who have caused accidents.

Pilots will be banned from operating drones under the influence of alcohol as well as flying them in a way that causes unnecessary noise or inconvenience, making particular note that the aircraft must not descend suddenly mid-flight.

Flight rules for drones have already been put in place by the transport ministry. They include restricting their operation to the daytime and requiring pilots to maintain visual contact and ensure the drone flies at least 30 meters above structures, vehicles and people. News from Japan-today

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